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Korey D. White is a Project Architect at Stantec Architecture, living in Washington D.C. Her work focuses on projects that serve the community at various scales. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver, earning both a Master of Architecture and a Master of Urban and Regional Planning. Her educational background allows Korey to address the effects of architecture on community at the micro and macro scale.

Korey is committed to advancing the profession through volunteer work and impactful design. Currently, she is serving as the Co-Chair of the AIA Center for Civic Leadership, 2018 Leadership Institute. In addition to her work with the Leadership Institute, Korey serves in various roles with the AIA Advocacy initiatives. She is the Chair of the Emerging Professionals ArchiPAC Committee, member of the AIA Resolutions Committee, and a stakeholder member for the AIA Advocacy Capacity Building. Korey uses her voice to advance issues central to the professional development of Emerging Professionals, specifically recently licensed individuals but ultimately works to increase the value of architecture in communities. The relationships Korey has developed nationally throughout the AIA and the architecture community has allowed her to propel initiatives and connect AIA National to local, state and regional components. 

Over the past five years, Korey has focused her volunteer efforts on the future of the profession by engaging Emerging Professionals and advocating for student loan forgiveness by promoting the National Design Services Act. She has authored articles on advocacy efforts, the value of licensure, reintegrating the Urban Realm into architectural projects and the importance of working in interdisciplinary partnerships.




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